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Gamla Millennium Investments Ltd.

Gamla Millennium Investments Ltd. « abroad

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Gamla Millennium Investments Ltd. (“Gamla”) is a private real estate investment company, investing in properties and projects in Israel and abroad. The company’s policy is to expand it’s businesses in Israel , North America and Europe.

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Medispace « abroad

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Medispace - Medical Center of Beauty and Aesthetics.

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Kishurim - Global Executive Search קישורים - השמת בכירים

Kishurim - Global Executive Search קישורים - השמת בכירים « abroad

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Partner in IESF – the largest executive search organization, with 130 offices in 40 countries worldwide. Kishurim IESF is the best choice for global Israeli companies, looking for local managers abroad.

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The Magi Foundation

The Magi Foundation « abroad

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The Magi Foundation was founded in 2004 by a group of visionaries from Israel and abroad seeking to advance the welfare of hospitalized children and contribute to the Israeli medical system to the benefit of patients. More broadly, the Foundation appl

dream doctors project

RTLD lighting design - Projects

RTLD lighting design - Projects « abroad

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RTLD is a leading architectural lighting design studio specializing in the planning and implementation of diverse lighting projects both in Israel and abroad. RTLD was founded on the concept of using light as a tool with which to shape and create a sp

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סטודיו ספירו קריאטיב | Spiro Creative |

סטודיו ספירו קריאטיב | Spiro Creative | « abroad

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Spiro Creative was established in 2005 and is responsible for dozens of projects in Israel and abroad, including branding businesses, website development, marketing campaigns and more. ספירו קריאטיב הוקם בשנת 2005 ואחראי על עשרות פרוייקטים בארץ ובחו&

ספירו דיזיין ספירו דיזיין סטודיו ספירו קריאטיב עיצוב אתרים בניית אתרים הקמת אתרים דפוס מיתוג באנרים

The Last Word

The Last Word « abroad

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The Last Word, the solution to all your literary and communication needs in Israel and abroad.

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ADI Electronics Ltd

ADI Electronics Ltd « abroad

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Founded in 1985. ADI specializes in design of PCB. DI also gives manufacturing services of electronics printed circuit, working with companies in Israel and abroad.

adi electronics ltd

Tamir Airways - Recreational and Tourism Flights

Tamir Airways - Recreational and Tourism Flights « abroad

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Tamir Airways offers a wide range of flights to selected destinations in Israel and abroad. Each flight can incorporate various attractions, including a meal at sunset, a day at the spa, an evening in a gourmet restaurant, a tour of a vinery, and more

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Home IsraelMall

Home IsraelMall « abroad

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Need Appliances and Gifts in Israel? Free delivery. Free Installation. No Surprises. - Click Here !

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